Meet the team!

Owner & Founder - Heidi Wolfgong

Heidi opened heiDIY Botanics when she was 13 years old. Growing up, she struggled with sensitive skin so finding products that wouldn't cause a reaction and weren't so expensive seemed impossible so she took matters into her own hands and created heiDIY Botanics.

The goal of heiDIYhandmade was to provide high-quality products while also giving back to the world. *See our page about how we support Eternal Threads.*

Heidi now works full-time in Dermatology and is in Nursing school to continue her education. She enjoys learning all about the skin and what causes certain reactions. This has also helped her to create products that will work for each and every skincare concern.

She hopes that you love her products as much as she enjoys developing them.


Social Media Manager - Katelyn Civitello

Katelyn is our social media manager. She is passionate about using naturally derived ingredients and products in her everyday life.

Due to her sensitive skin and years of trying many “popular” skincare products just for them to not work, she is a fierce advocate for HeiDIY Botantics.

While working for us, she is also going to school full-time to become a physical therapist and manages her own social media profiles maintaining being a micro-influencer that is passionate about fashion and sharing her lifestyle. 

We could not bring you the beautiful content that you see on our Social Media platforms without all of her help!