Our Mission

Empowering Women of all ages, sizes, races, and religions. 

Eternal Threads - Why we support their mission

A story from the founder of Eternal Threads… 

"The Eternal Threads vision began in 2000 with the Sofi tote project in a rural village in India to provide income to women who were industrious and hardworking, but limited to help their families with any additional income except to work in the rice fields once or twice a year during harvest time.

From the beginning this project was envisioned as a model to help women in many parts of the world. In 2008 this vision became a reality as Eternal Threads added four new projects. Products handmade by women in over twelve countries can now be purchased on the Eternal Threads website.

Eternal Threads began as a mission to help one group of women in India and has become a global community of women. Even though these women live in diverse areas of the world they share the same needs and hope for the future."


heiDIY Botanics supports Eternal Threads through a portion of profits, tips, and donations. All orders over $50 receive a free Red Thread Movement bracelet, handmade by these female artisans.